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Strengthen Your C Programming Fundamentals And Learn How To Write C Programs On Your Own By Joining My FREE 5-Day Challenge.

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This is what you will get from this FREE 5-Day challenge!!!

  1. Strengthen C programming fundamentals – Create a strong base in C so you feel confident writing C programs.
  2. Learn to write C programs – Write C programs independently without assistance, so you excel in your job interview and exams.
  3. Hands-on-oriented course – Learn how an expert writes a program through hands-on lectures so that you feel confident.
  4. Quizzes for self-evaluation – Get a sense of achievement and evaluate your knowledge with the help of quizzes.
  5. Learn from an expert – Learn how to write the entire logic so that you feel capable of writing programs independently.
  6. Surprise gift – I will send a surprise gift to your registered email ID once you enroll in the FREE 5-Day challenge.
  7. Assignments and tasks – Gain practical knowledge of C programming usage by solving assignments.
  8. Projects – Understand how to solve complex programming projects so you can showcase the project in your resume.
  9. Life-long accessNever forget the C fundamentals and Concepts by accessing the course anytime in the future to refresh your knowledge.
  10. On-Demand training – Do not restrict yourself. Learn at your own pace to learn stress-free.
  11. Access from anywhere – Avoid frustration and restrictions by accessing the course from your laptop or a mobile device.
  12. Access to Free Facebook group support – Get your queries resolved through the free Facebook support group.

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THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS…the teacher, his voice, and the inch-by-inch explanation are extraordinary… the recap quizzes, the instruction, and the small assignments are great….

This is worth the price…

and there was no difficulty to study this. To be honest this is the great teaching ever…

Thanking you.



Sir started from scratch and build the foundation very strong and he gradually increases the toughness of the language but that doesn’t feel tough to understand because he made the videos in such detail and clear way that in one go anyone can understand easily. Thank you so much, Sir☺️

Abhishek M.


Really Good Course!!

I had a good experience with this course and learned a lot.

Also, all queries get solved with full explanations which helped me to comprehend the topics better.

Thank you sir for delivering amazing content.

Yukta S.


Prashant Nayak - C Instructor

About the Instructor – Prashant Nayak

I am a software engineer with 13+ years of hands-on experience in the IT industry.

I am an expert in building programming logic. I have curated my 13+ years of coding experience and created a logic-building framework that helps students build C programming logic.